The LATEST version of the EDA PLAY app available at the App Store since March 22, 2014! The new feature: "The Simulator of Visual Disorders" with the simulation of 4 visual disorders. You can try out how a child with a particular visual disorder sees the world around him / her. Install the updated version of the app, go to the Simulator of Visual Disorders, choose the type of visual disorder and point the camera lens onto the object you want to capture by the camera. Through a special filter, you will see the object in a manner corresponding with the visual disorder. The Simulator of Visual Disorders can be found in the Main menu of the app - Info - Simulator of visual disorders. Enjoy the new feature!

The EDA PLAY application helps children train vision and fine motor skills.
Have a look at the video to see how it works.

Features you'll love

Vision training

The application enables setting of visual processing of tasks on 4 levels: on the first level, you will always find full shapes of pictures, with no details. The second level brings full shapes with several details. The third one contains pictures with emphasis on several details, often in two or more colours. And on the fourth level, the pictures are only visible as outlines.

Fine motor skills

The application enables to select from 4 task levels. The first level features tasks which only require pressing of any point on the display. The second task level trains the eye-hand coordination. The third level trains the basic shapes and hand movement in elementary directions. The fourth level features the most challenging tasks, which also exercise irregular shapes, completion or connecting shapes based on similarities.

Audio guide

Upon viewing every task, we hear a spoken word (child’s voice) which explains the brief in an understandable way.

Skills monitoring

The application contains the Skills section which records the work of the child with the application. Thus, the parents and therapists can monitor the development of the child’s skills over time.

Parent lock

The application is set so that, upon launching it and after a short introduction, the first task comes up automatically. The switching off the Multitasking Gestures functionality is recommended. To enter the application Menu, the figure symbol has to be held down for several seconds. The possibility of the child exiting or switching the application off accidentally is prevented.


Within the EDA PLAY application, a unique community was created intended primarily for the parents of children with visual impairments and combined handicaps and other users who want to share EDA PLAY experience. Thanks to this community, you can share your experience with people from all around the world.
Enter the EDA PLAY Community

What can the application do?

The EDA PLAY application helps children with visual impairment train vision and children with fine motor skill disorders train fine motor skills. The application is designed so to stimulate the child to watch the action on the tablet display in an interactive way and to complete the tasks. The visual and audio treatment of the application supports eye-hand coordination.

  • When the train is entering a tunnel it hoots. Touch the puff-puff to hear it hoot. (The visual level is set: V4. The illustration is treated as outline only.)
  • Touch the yellow hand.
  • Mr. Porcupine’s yard is pretty messy. He keeps looking for things all the time. Today he can’t find his green tractor. Help him find the green tractor.
  • Mr. Porcupine bought yet another tractor. Now he has two. But he can’t find any of them. Help him find both tractors.
  • Fly the plane to the cloud.
  • Catch a mouse with the cat.
  • Ride the puff-puff into the tunnel.
  • Stroke the doggie, he really likes it. You will hear him bark with joy.
  • Shoes go to feet and gloves go on the hands. Put the shoes on the feet and gloves on the hands.
  • The car needs wheels so it can ride on them. Paint the wheels on the car.
  • Dogs like bones. Lead the doggie on the trail to his bone. (The visual level is set: V4. The images are treated as outlines only.)
  • Ed spilled his marbles. Help him pick them up. Put together the marbles of the same colour.



The task categories can be set, depending on the vision skills and fine motor skills level of the child. Some tasks train not only the motion coordination but also the child’s colour orientation. The application was developed in cooperation with Markéta Skalická, Alice Pexiederová, Martina Vaňkátová and Martina Herynková, specialists in the field of visual impairment and caring for children with special needs.


The authorship of the EDA PLAY application belongs to the public-benefit corporation Raná péče EDA (EDA Centre of Early Intervention Prague) and to the digital studio Sugar And Ketchup. The development of the application was supported by Vodafone Czech Republic Foundation.

All profits from the sale of application are used for the non-for-profit activities of Raná péče EDA or for the further development of the application.


The application can be purchased in iTunes App Store. By purchasing the application, you will support the public-benefit corporation Raná péče EDA, as all the profits from sales go to the non-for-profit activities of Raná péče EDA or to the further development of the application.

If you would like to have the application available in your native language please contact us.


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The EDA PLAY app helps children train vision and fine motor skills. See the link below.

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Making the EDA Play App A Better Learning Tool: ...As much as I think the iPad is a great visual tool to stimulate a child's functional vision or auditory scanning abilities, I think it is crucial that more educators and parents understand ways to make the iPad an interactive learning opportunity for children with visual impairments, no matter their visual and developmental challenges...Click for more information (link below)

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The best part of this app is that you can choose the level of play for your child in two categories: Visual Level and Task Level. This really lets you customize the level of play to your child's skill. (...) And one last thing about this app that makes it outstanding... it remembers your settings, continues play where you last left off AND records your child's progress over time so you can see how long they've played and which skills they've mastered. Very useful! review

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