The EDA PLAY apps

help children train their vision and fine motor skills

Tailor-made for children with visual and multiple disorders. 

Designed under supervision of experts in the field of vision stimulation and caring for children with special needs.

How the apps train vision and fine motor skills

Game for the vision training for children with visual disorders and visual impairment

- illustrations in comprehensible shapes
- bold colours, sufficient size of pictures
- contrast between the background and the image 

Game for the training of fine motor skills for the children with multiple impairments

- tasks at various levels of difficulty
- tasks ranging from simple watching the action and simple touching on a screen to eye hand coordination

Designed under the supervision of low vision specialists 

The apps are always developed under the supervision of low vision specialists and experts in the field of early intervention for children with visual and multiple impairments.

All the EDA PLAY games run on iPads

The classic-sized iPads provide sufficiently large gaming area for children with visual and multiple impairments.

Children need distinctive pictures which are also sufficiently large. We do not recommend to use the apps on iPad mini, unfortunately, as the screen of this device is not large enough.

The apps are not compatible with iPod Touch or iPhone devices.

The EDA PLAY app needs to be updated. Stay tuned, we are working on a new version!

On Sep 19, the new version of iOS - iOS 11 - was released. We are sorry to inform you that our EDA PLAY app is not compatible with iOS 11 yet.

We are working on the update of the EDA PLAY app. The new version compatible with iOS 11 will be available in spring 2018.

You can use the EDA PLAY app on iPad devices with iOS 10 and former.

Our other apps: EDA PLAY TOBY, EDA PLAY PAULI and EDA PLAY ELIS are fully compatible with iOS 11.

Is your kid interested in cooking?

The EDA PLAY apps are available on the iTunes App Store


The non-profit organization EDA cz, z.ú. is an early intervention centre in Prague, Czech Republic, which provides early intervention services to help the families of visually and multiply impaired children, from the child's birth up to 7 years of his/her age.