The EDA PLAY application helps children with visual impairment train vision and children with fine motor skill disorders train fine motor skills. The app is designed so to stimulate the child to watch the action on the tablet display in an interactive way and to complete the tasks. The visual and audio treatment of the application supports eye-hand coordination.

The EDA PLAY app is now compatible with iOS 11 and iOS 12

The EDA PLAY app is available for iPad devices with the latest versions of iOS systems: iOS 11 and iOS 12. Our old game EDA PLAY was not available for these latest operation systems last year. We have finished the updated version of the app and you can enjoy the game on your iPad devices again!

Are you a new user? Are you planning to install the app for the first time? Get the EDA PLAY app from the iTunes App store for USD 4.99. By purchasing the game you are supporting the non-profit organization EDA, an early intervention centre in Prague, Czech Republic, which provides early intervention services to help the families of visually and multiply impaired children.

You are an experienced user, but after the iOS 11 or iOS 12 update on your iPad device, the EDA PLAY app was not available there? You have used this app on your iPad in the past, so you need an updated version: search the EDA PLAY app at iTunes App Store, download the updated version for free. If you paid for the app in the past, you do not pay for the updated version.

Do you use the records in the Skills section of the EDA PLAY app? Unfortunately, after the installation of an updated version of the EDA PLAY app, your old records in the Skills section will not be available. At least, save the screenshots with the old records (Press and hold at the same time two buttons on Your iPad: the Sleep/wake = On/Off button on the top of iPad and the Home button). After that, install the updated version of the app.

Enjoy the EDA PLAY app, in case of any questions, do not hesitate to contact us: info@edaplay.com

Features you will love

Vision training

The application enables setting of visual processing of tasks on 4 levels: on the first level, you will always find full shapes of pictures, with no details. The second level brings full shapes with several details. The third one contains pictures with emphasis on several details, often in two or more colours. And on the fourth level, the pictures are only visible as outlines.

Fine motor skills

The application enables to select from 4 task levels. The first level features tasks which only require pressing of any point on the display. The second task level trains the eye-hand coordination. The third level trains the basic shapes and hand movement in elementary directions. The fourth level features the most challenging tasks, which also exercise irregular shapes, completion or connecting shapes based on similarities.

Audio guide

Upon viewing every task, we hear a spoken word (child’s voice) which explains the brief in an understandable way.

Meet the EDA PLAY application


The task categories can be set, depending on the vision skills and fine motor skills level of the child. Some tasks train not only the motion coordination but also the child’s colour orientation. The application was developed in cooperation specialists in the field of visual impairment and caring for children with special needs.

Parent lock

The application is set so that, upon launching it and after a short introduction, the first task comes up automatically. The switching off the Multitasking Gestures functionality is recommended. To enter the application Menu, the figure symbol has to be held down for several seconds. The possibility of the child exiting or switching the application off accidentally is prevented.

Skills monitoring

The application contains the Skills section which records the work of the child with the application. Thus, the parents and therapists can monitor the development of the child’s skills over time.

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Thank you for your support

The development of the EDA PLAY application was supported by Vodafone Czech Republic Foundation.


The non-profit organization EDA cz, z.ú. is an early intervention centre in Prague, Czech Republic, which provides early intervention services to help the families of visually and multiply impaired children, from the child's birth up to 7 years of his/her age.

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